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Please be aware of emails that include wording similar to :

We have 1,000 Visitors contact information with their email address, phone numbers and more details who is attending The Hertfordshire Business Expo 2019 at Harpenden, UK on 07 Jun 2019 would you like to acquire these contacts?

Please ignore these emails, they are a scam and have been sent about many exhibitions

We never sell or pass on visitor information from our events

On arrival please park in the Multi story car park level 5 or upwards, please see map below or follow onsite signage.  From here you will be able to use the lifts to reach level 3,  this will bring you into the centre either in the corridor beside M&S or opposite Caffé Nero.

All exhibitors and attendees will be issued with a voucher to enable FREE parking - these will be available on the day and collected at the event registration table.  There are no tickets issued in the car park, the new system is based on number recognition so please make a note of your registration number if you do not know it.

The event is being held on level sites 6 & 7 identified on the map in red below and is next to Caffé Nero

One of the crucial skills for any small business leader to practice is prioritisation: identifying key tasks and applying resource to them in appropriate measure.

So how much of your precious time do you dissipate on business activity that you're not best equipped to handle?

What's the opportunity cost of the hours you sometimes throw at 'low-leverage' activity? For example, the opportunity cost of a Sales Director who agonises over wording for the company website when he could be out clinching another contract.

If written communication is not your forte, buy someone in who can 'wordsmith' your USPs into effective copy. Save yourself the time, stress and sheer financial cost of being the square peg in a round hole!

We all have a unique skill set reinforced by related experience and need to maximise the time spent on 'high-leverage' activity that draws on our primary worth to the business.

So let's buy in resource to address low-leverage activity so that we can maximise our productivity and fully realise our revenue-earning potential.

Perhaps The Hertfordshire Business Expo is a strategic opportunity for you to purchase as well as to sell? Have a think about it. 

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