11.00 am - HeyBurt ​ - ​ Social media that works for you

How social media can work for your business and why it might not be working. 11am - 11.30 am

The tools and insights you need to make Social Media work. Leave with the insights and tools you need to conquer Social Media, whatever the size and stage of your business. Chris delivers a no holds barred, straight to the point view of social media's place in your business.

"Chris Pike is a social media expert with the aim to make social media as simple and straightforward as possible.

Working with international brands and solopreneurs alike, Chris demystifies the world of social media for every client, showing them how to conquer their platforms.

Offering advice on; strategy, content, scheduling, advertising and how to analyse your data most effectively, Chris aims to make everyone the social media expert of their own business.

Chris delivers Social Media advice through regular Workshops and Public Speaking events, alongside offering businesses the chance to discuss their needs on a one-to-one basis or in private training sessions. Whether your goals are to connect with your customer, grow your brand awareness or boost sales, Chris can advise on a strategy to best help you achieve your goals. "

Website: www.heyburt.co.uk

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