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A versatile corporate presenter and event host Jeremy's experience reflects his professionalism and flexibility.

Successes with BBC local radio and Capital Gold, reports for Sportsmedia and web-TV appearances on Leicester Square Television – a perfect setting in which to hone his interviewing techniques – have prompted regular requests for Jeremy's skills from the public sector and large corporate clients alike.

Jeremy's passion and strength lies in his instinctive ability to inspire and motivate. His calm and unruffled style benefits live events and outside broadcasting, the rich tone of his voice has earned him work in the advertising voice-over market for corporate video, national television and radio.

He has the experience of a 25-year career in sales which adds an authentic business edge to his personality and a delivery few other corporate presenters can match.

Having made waves as TV, radio and corporate host, video voiceover artist, speechmaker and MC, facilitator and chairman, Jeremy is a firm believer in the primacy of conveying an effective message. "It's the most important element of any communication, and it's key to understanding," he says. "Whatever the context or medium, I'm committed to finding the way that works best for both client and audience, clearly and unequivocally."

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